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Mercedes Benz



The name Mercedes Benz needs no introduction for the car enthusiastic people. Ever since its foundation this name has been associated with the world class brand of cars, trucks and buses. The two founding fathers, one is Mr. Karl Benz who first founded this company in 1871 and the two others Mr. Gottlieb Daimler and Mr. Wilhelm May Bach, who founded the division of Mercedes Benz called as Daimler AG in 1890.The headquarters of the Mercedes Benz is located at Baden- Wurttemberg and Stuttgart in Germany. Currently this company produces a wide range of advanced luxury cars, trucks and buses in its manufacturing facilities, based all over the world besides Germany.

Main unique features of the Mercedes Benz:

One of the Mercedes Benz founders Mr. Karl Benz has invented the first internal combustion automobile engine in the world. Also the credit of the revolutionary invention of the world’s first single cylinder four stroke engine goes to Mr. Karl Benz.

Mercedes Benz has been producing technologically more advanced vehicles than its contemporary competitors. Safety of the passengers has been the utmost important factor taken in to consideration by this company while designing all category vehicles ever since it has started production. Owing to this feature a genuine vehicle buyer in any part of the world gives first preference to the Mercedes Benz make vehicles. Every year the Mercedes Benz makes provision of a huge amount of money for the research and development work in its budget. As a reason they always they have an edge over other renowned vehicle manufacturers of the world ever since they have started manufacturing vehicles.

Moreover we can say that the Mercedes Benz has taught other vehicle manufacturers how to manufacture technologically advance vehicles and at the same time passenger safety vehicles. Mercedes Benz is the pioneer of featuring its vehicles with the Safety airbags, anti-lock brakes and the traction control system, in the world. This company has introduced the first 7 speed automatic transmission system in the world, called as 7g-Tronic. The credit of invention of the passenger pre-tension seat belts for the first time in the world goes to Mercedes Benz. In the event of vehicle crash this belt gets tightened almost instantaneously thereby saving the passenger from the forward crash. Also many other types of passenger safety devices like the brake assist and stability control are invented by Mercedes Benz for the first time in the world. One of the greatest features of the Mercedes Benz is that it not only invented these safety devices for the first time in the world but they also granted its license to the other vehicle manufacturers all over the world from the point of view of overall safety of the passengers.

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